Professional and Flexible OEM and ODM services


Pulverizer can grind nature food into ultra-fine powders which can be easier absorbed and digested by your pets.

Pellet Mill

Steel wheel squeezes the raw materials into pellets at 70-85 deg. C. At this low temperature, the original flavor and nutrition of the food can be preserved. It can also produce products with multiple functions for special uses.


Imported from Wenger USA, owning the leading and strongest technology and pet food solutions serving for the most big pet food manufacturers in the world. Processed by the extruder at high pressure and temperature, it not only well cooks cereals and meats for better digestibility, but also to eliminate bacteria in the raw materials for food safety. Therefore a cleaner and healthier product can be achieved. We also provide hundreds of tooling designs to offer versatile appearances and to create differently crispy and crumbly tastes. It leads to high value-added products for our customers.

Post Mixing

A gentle and value-added mixing batch by batch with different amounts of kibbles desired and dosing the thermolabile supplements. Its low temperature process keeps original tastes without damaging the nutrition and appearance, and precision addition of flavors, beneficial probiotics and extraction enhances the nutrients and functions of the pet food.

品質安全承諾 為寵物食品做最嚴格把關


ISO 22000 (Food Safety Management System) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) are international certifications for food safety management throughout all supply chain, starting from farming, harvesting, food processing, packing, inventory, transportation to retail vending. Both are the same management standards for international chain restaurants and food makers to ensure the safety of food. From farm to table, the possible risks of food safety are analyzed and then critical control points are set to prevent unsafe food to be delivered to customers.


ISO9001 is an extensively used quality management system standard all around the world. Its catalog includes early-stage design, objective development, production, QC inspection, procurement, selling and post-sale service to cover all business activities. The quality policy, SOP manuals, records are implemented to control and continually improve the whole operations, and to ensure a stable quality system and the greatest satisfaction of customers.

ISO2200 / HACCP全程控制生產過程

We Work Tightly With ISO17025 Lab Tested

To make sure the safety and quality of all materials and products, We Work Tightly With ISO17025 Lab Tested, as a third-party inspection institution, to do more precise and comprehensive tests frequently, covering more than 369 possible hazards. Absolutely, food safety is the first priority for PSEC to care for all pets and their owners.